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Very late MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARS! XD Haine meant to post this on christmas day but podomatic was being a meanie lol then she procrastinated... XD But here it is! Haine recorded this on Christmas eve lol at 2am so its not as good as her older ones! Sorry! But haine promises her next one will be good! (^^) So no worries. On another note, the music is MUCH louder then Haine's talking parts so just turn it down a notch when the music is about to start m(_ _)m sorry lol the program wouldn't let haine turn it down for some reason lol. So anyways! Here it is!

Haine talk like always...
MUSIC: Kinki Kids - Cinderella Christmas
Japan's Christmas
MUSIC: Tamaki Nami - Christmas Time
JP Christmas cont.
MUSIC: Tackey&Tsubasa - Starry Sky
Haine talk! And what's next!
MUSIC: Yuna Ito - All I Want for Chritmas is You

Hmm lots once again XD lol

Those who have been hoping for a Haine and Stappy show, it will be posted soon! so look forward to it, specially to those who enjoy just listening to talk... lol

P.S.S. If you have any request for songs or a special epy feel free to leave a comment or send an e-mail to haine@podomatic.com (^^)

P.S.S.S. Leave comments! Haine knows this show kinda sucked XD lol but still leave comments on whatever, just no flaming ok?


lol Haine is here to report that she IS ALIVE! Shockingly.... lol yes sorry, haine had a trip and school work and all those jazz (-_-) so haine didn't really get a chance to make a podcast lol but no worries! Haine will try to make one sometime soon (probably not this week lol.....)

SPECIAL EPISODE AT THE END OF MAY OR BEGINNING OF JUNE! YEEES! lol Why will it be a special episode? Because Anime North Convention will be on the 20 something lol and Haine's going! Haine will make it interesting for you guys! (^^) hopefully.....

On another note here's a song for everyone! Since mother's day is in May sometime why not start preparing a gift for you mother? lol This song is very cute and sweet! There's an english version of this song but Haine sadly doesn't have it... lol But go look for the lyrics!

Song: Miso Soup - Tegomassu


This doesn't really have anything to do with J-rock or J-pop, but haine wanted some opinions on this lol. Haine recorded this for a project she was doing and Haine wanted to know if you guys find it creepy or not (^^).


lol So Haine finally stopped procrastinating... lol also there's been alot of listeners that have been threatening Haine for an epy... lol BUT HERE IT IS! Finally! lol Haine apologizes though, she's not as hyper and jumpy sounding this epy due to soar throat and a fever lol so bare with her lol. Hope you guys love it either way though lol Keep on smiling!

Haine talk...
MUSIC: Tommy February6 - Lovely - Yume miru Lovely Boy
Haine's 2 mag choice
MUSIC: Utada Hikaru - BLUE
Tea and Cake?
MUSIC: Kaela Kimura - Magic Music
Online SHOPPING freenzy!
MUSIC: Tanaka Rie - Soshite sekai wa kyou mo hajimaru
MUSIC: [REQUEST] Orange&Lemones - Soramimi Cake

(^^) like always lol

P.S. Haine hasn't forgotten certain requests!!! Haine just has to find the bloody songs lol

P.S.S. If you have any request for songs or a special epy feel free to leave a comment or send a e-mail to haine@podomatic.com (^^)

P.S.S.S Haine apologizes for her Jap too for some reason it sounds weird this epy... lol


*walks in* ..... *sees angry mob* ..... he... he?

Ok! So Haine's been procrastinating pretty bad recently lol but that's ok! Because Haine will try to put the girlie episode up! sometime this week! if she doesn't then you can kill her.... or lets not?

So here's a song that Haine finds really catchy for some reason lol!

Song: M-Flo (feat soul'd out) - Candy Pop


lol just filling you guys in.... Haine's nearly finished with the SUPER girlie epiy and the jrock epiy! lol Haine hasn't abandoned you guys yet! (^^) ah ha.. sorry no music today... lol yeah haine's cheap lol (^^") haine's kinda lazy today and didn't really want to upload anything lol.


Ah! The long awaited epiy... lol Gomen ne? Haine completely forgot to post it lol. BUT IT'S HERE! It's all about anime! Cause of the Anime North Convention Haine went too!

2Days Epiy epiy epiy...:
MUSIC: Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis - ALI PROJECT
Anime North
MUSIC: FLY HIGH - surface
Anime Talk
MUSIC: Yoake no Ashioto - solua
Anime Talk 2
MUSIC: CRESENT MOON - Mika Nakashima

lol lots!

Have fun listening to this! lol Haine's fairly calm so no worries of random loudness today! Leave a commentsu!

P.S. Opps, Haine didn't see this lol until now! Thanks Mr Mint for the shout out!

P.S.S. The girl in Haine's picture is one of Haine's friend that she met last year! Isn't her dress pretty? It was her costume this year!

EDIT: Ok fine lol this show wasn't THAT girlie lol and Haine was just checking her podmail (lol sorry Haine tends to forget about it) and sooo the next episode will be really girlie! and then a JRock epiy after that lol (^^) PLUS Haine got a new micccccc! better quality in sound! yay! lol


Yo! lol (^^) Gomenasai ne? Haine's been super busy! lol (^^) Though thank you to those who have commented! (^^) Haine's glad that even though she's been dead for awhile lol people are still listening! Yay! Right, Haine should have a show up on Saturday or Sunday! (most likely sunday.. lol ^^) Ok! This song was requested!


Next Show!: ANIME MUSIC!!! Don't worry! It'll be something goood! lol Haine will be talking about the convention she went to so look forward to it!


Konichiwa! lol Haine slightly busy this week and next so there might not be a show but Haine will try to upload songs lol (^^)

On another note... H-CHAN!? WHERE ARE YOU!? HAINE CAN'T FIND YOU! *cries* Ano... Haine will give you oishii desserts if you come back? Please?

MUSIC: Luvie - Daisy


A SHOW!! lol Yes finally! Haine has finally done a show since a very long time ago lol. JRock Epiy! yay! *Eats Strawberry*

Today's Shuuw!:
Reply to commentsu!
MUSIC: Gazette - Wakaremichi
Future Releases!
MUSIC: Dir En Grey - Increase Blue
MUSIC: Nana - Sou
Fashion anyone?
MUSIC: Miyavi - Dear My Friend~

ahhh lol Haine forgot once again but if you'd like to request any songs from Haine's background feel free to do so by leaving a comment or podmailing Haine! lol Haine takes request for music and she'll do her best to find it! (Mainly steals friend's cds.. lol)

Haine hopes you liked today's show! And Haine loves commentsus!


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